Beach Run Sunday


If you know any Trinbagonian ask them about beach run Sundays. YES, we love salt water, sand, bake and shark and a cold beer.

All that is what a trini visualizes when they hear the words beach and if you say Maracas, hmmm.

What is amazing, is that we would visit the beach so regularly and yet be so excited to go again. See Maracas is one of the many beaches where we can have so many different experiences causing so many different memories.

This Maracas Beach has an ere of its own depending on the time of year…. there is Carnival in February or March depending, which equals to Ash Wednesday Maracas lime, where party goers and masqueraders go to soak their aching feet while listening to soca blasting from the carts of music vendors. Some would choose to jam in the water or shaking a foot on a lounge chair. Or we can talk about school vacation, where boys play football on the shore, while the younger kids build sand castle or swim at the mouth of river, the thing is it does not matter why or when you’re there, it just matters you’re there.

Maracus beach run on Sundays helps put everything into perspective for the coming week, however on the journey there you can stop by the look out and buy Red Mango, Chow, Sugar Cake, Pepper prunes and more….while snapping breath taking photos. You can also stop and take a drink of spring water or fill your bottles to take home from a make shift pipe with some of nature’s freshness.

Either way the journey to the beach is just as exciting as being on the beach….and if you can’t go to Maracas, there’s so many other beaches you can visit.

Trinidad and Tobago West Indies…. come to the islands.


Mummy Blue Sunday.


The worst thing is , waking up feeling like a failure on Sunday morning. Who does that, right? Well apparently me.
After giving my family all the energy that I have left, working everyday for the week. Doing home work with the kids, taking them to their activities, answer all the mummy why questions, listen to them sulk about their life and friends, yeah. All that while I am literally thinking about all the errands I still haven’t completed from week before.
No one said after doing all of that, I would still feel like life just woke me up and slapped me for no reason. Not to mention the lack of restful sleep I have been having. Why, did no one say that after being superwoman whole week that I can still feel like shit, on what suppose to be the most peaceful day of the week.
I just want to put the pillow over my head to drown out the sound, the light and my over active imagination.